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What my clinic is offering

My naturopathic clinic is specialised on treating pain and allergy, but with Chinese medicine and other natural healing methods I am able to treat many other complaints.

ALLERGIES: Allergies can be treated effectively and long lasting with electro-acupuncture. This is a rather new method without needles or injections to “eliminate” allergies. No matter whether food, pollen house dust or mites, even allergies against animals can be alleviated. Before starting with the laser-acupuncture sessions, the patient is tested which allergies are affecting most or if there are any cross allergies. Even children and very sensitive persons can be treated.

PAIN: Like Back pain, migraine, arthritis, sciatica, whiplash
• Acupuncture (body and ear)
• Neural therapy
• Arthritis therapy with cartilage regeneration
• Stimulating currant therapy

EYE – ACUPUNCURE is a very intensive treatment, which can help treating failing eyesight positively: Short-sightedness, long-sightedness or cross sightedness, cataract and glaucoma as well as misty eyes. Of course the acupuncture needles will not be placed in your eyes.

IMMUNODEFICIENCY: Strengthening the immune system is advised if you catch a cold very often or if you have a chronic sinus infection or returning inflammations of the bladder. Also if you feel always tired and no more able to be efficient at work. It is very important to find out why the body became that weak. A very efficient way to detect the reasons is to check your blood with a Darkfield-Microscope diagnosis. Moreover with the help of the Electro-Acupuncture by Voll the energy level of the inner organs can be measured. This is a very good way to find out which organs are mainly involved in this process and how to therapy them.

COLON CLEANSING: Our intestines are very important for our immune system, because 80 % of our body immune cells are located in the intestines. Only a healthy intestinal flora is able to protect you against virus, bacteria and toxins. The “Colon-Hydro-Therapy” will free your mucous membrane from crusted depositions, toxins and harmful shoots.

WEIGHT LOSS: The “fat burning-acupuncture” treatment can help people with weight problems like overweight and figure-consciousness to bring the metabolism in balance. It can be an important aid in loosing weight. But for really efficient acupuncture, it is essential to know to which kind of nutritional type someone belongs.
„Wobbly type“ is a person with a bad connective tissue which grows soft and tends to cellulites if he increases weight.
„Meaty type“ is overweight, but the body is strong and feels firm. These types are often tall, voluminous and tough persons.
„Well fed type“ is rather small and short with a strong body and a belly, having a big appetite and has an unpleasant feeling of fullness after each meal.

INFERTILITY: Natural healing can help in getting pregnant. Plenty of couples which are having the wish to be parents ask themselves why it doesn’t work out with them. A lot of medical reasons like disturbance in hormones, problems with the ovary or fallopian tube, bad quality of sperms or lack of quantity of sperms can be reasons, which block the wish of parenthood. From the sight of naturopathy a lot of problems are laying in the environment, like heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides and mould or rest of toxins from illnesses which are not fully healed like viral and bacterial sicknesses.
If there is a problem Electro-Acupuncture by Voll (EAV) can tell where it lies. Both sides should be tested, since it is proofed that infertility is not always due to the female part. Detoxification should be done before pregnancy.

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