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Allergies and Asthma


In Western countries nearly every third person is having an allergy. Especially hay fever, house dust allergy, mites allergy and food allergy are picking up.
Already babies and children are suffering. But allergies are only a symptom showing that the immune system is not balanced and that our organism can not differentiate between harmful or harmless substances.

Therefore the first step for a holistic working therapist is to find out, why and through what the immune system was disturbed.
The electro acupuncture after Voll makes this possible. With this method the energetic level of the organs is pointed out and at the same way can be detected what is putting weight on the body. Due to my experience an allergy treatment will only be successful if the immune system is balanced and whatever stress reduced.

To find out why the immune system is imbalanced there are different possibilities. In my practise I start with a blood check in the “Darkfield-Microscope” according to Dr. Enderlein. A blood drop is be taken from your finger tip and immediately checked under the microscope. With a connected screen you will be able to see your health state:
• The number, size and shape of the red and white blood cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and platelets can be verified and thus seen whether the blood cells are able to carry out their tasks optimally (eg whether the "scavenger cells" are active or fixed).

• If only a reduced amount of the leukocytes are activated, this may mean that the defense is tired and that it no longer recognizes what must be destroyed in the body (bacteria, viruses, toxins, ...) or what is actually harmless (pollen, food, house dust ...). If an “over-activity” or an absolute majority of leukocytes is present, this could be an indication of an autoimmune event, an acute inflammatory process or an allergic reaction.

• It can determine whether the blood cells are being attacked by parasitic microorganisms or are loaded with disease-causing forms. Also residues of bacteria or toxins can be found in blood plasma. Moreover Candida, Lyme disease (Borrelia) and trichomoniasis can manifest in the dark field blood analysis and heavy metals are visible as bright points.

• The flow of the blood can be judged, and thus the tendency for the blood flow and thrombosis risk (eg whether the red blood cells are clumped to "rouleaux"). The more bonded and "thicker" the blood, the lower the oxygen transport. Exhaustion and fatigue may stem therefrom.

• The acidity of the tissue, visible as a 'protein networks' or small crystals, is evidence of slag deposits and the detoxification capacity of the body. In addition to a diet with a focus on base-rich foods, the use of base powder or baths in highly alkaline water may be necessary.

• The speed and the state of decomposition of the blood is tested and thus can draw conclusions on the immune system and the load of the internal organs.
Exact evaluation of strains are done with Electro Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll.

All indications should be verified: By Electro acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) the energetic level of the organs is evaluated and the energy level is measured at the points of acupuncture. The measuring shows if there is deficiency or depletion - both are not good. But apart from showing the energetic level of the internal organs this measuring method can show the reasons for the imbalance. We can check whether your body is “contaminated” with one or more of the following:

• heavy metals (pots, sea fish, deodorants, exhaust fumes and teeth fillings)
• mould ( which is existing in your flat, planting soil or in the air condition)
• environment pollution (chemicals, food additives, or chemical sprays)
• medication traces (antibiotics, toxins)
• several kinds of intestinal fungus
• rest of bacteria
• dead roots of tooth
• harmful teeth fillings
• solvents (glue, enamel and colours)
• hormones (due to livestock breeding, artificial hormones)

Nevertheless, the main question is: Why is your body no more able to fight and eliminate the strain?
The answers are manifold. Our food is unhealthy (too much meat, coffee, sugar, nicotine and alcohol) and the continuing pressure due to stress are harmful factors which strain our body too much. At the end even a healthy organism can be so overtaxed that the body is exhausted and the immune system is burned out. This is the latest point of reaction and immediate treatment should be started.

If you have the following symptoms you should think about an overload of toxins:

• severe infects (for example returning herpes)
• infects take longer time to disappear
• tiredness, burnout
• gum discoloration, shrinking gums, tooth decay
• acne, skin allergies, fungal attack
• indigestion, flatulence and strong urge to eat sweets
• strong perspiring and strong smelling sweat
• loss of hair, alopecia
• strong headache and dizziness
• therapy resistant neuralgia
• allergy (hay fever, allergic asthma, food allergy)

Besides these symptoms “intoxicated” patients also complain about exhaustion, nervousness, edginess, sensitivity of weather changing, lack of appetite, lack of enthusiasm and often suffer from weak concentration.

Each problem alone wouldn’t be too bad, but if you have more of them at the same time, the consequence will be a big loss of vitality and quality in life. If people get checked in medical clinics most probably there will be no reason found which could explain the symptoms. Some doctors call them hypochondriac or hysterical and they will be left alone with their problems. But if there is a well directed detoxification, the self healing powers of the body are activated and the healing process can begin.

The allergy treatment by electro acupuncture is a relatively new procedure for the gentle and pain-free "closure " of allergies. Using electroacupuncture, and the indirect physical contact of the allergic substance while stimulating acupuncture points appropriate to the clinical picture, will create an energetic balance. Thus, the body is now able to get the allergy itself under control and to make it disappear. The treatment of allergies can be successful only when the immune system is responsive and no longer blocked by the various above-mentioned loads.

The treatment of hay fever has to take place during the symptom-free time. Otherwise only the current symptoms are alleviated, for example, by the classical acupuncture with needles. Food allergies are not subject to time constraints, however, you should refrain from eating the allergenic foods during the treatment period.

This combination therapy has a positive influence on nearly all forms of allergies. Both food, pollen and contact allergies can be treated. At the same time it will improve allergy related diseases such as allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis, ulcerative colitis, eczema, etc. Since the laser acupuncture is absolutely risk-free and painless, it is also ideal for sensitive people and children. Side effects or any "shifting" of allergy (eg eczema suppressed by cortisone, which is related to asthma) are not expected because it is a process of self healing. On the other hand, the laser acupuncture will remain quite ineffective when the terrain is not well prepared, as self-healing powers of the body cannot work.

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