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Chronic-fatigue, burnout and CFS

Chronically tired for no reason?

The problem of chronic fatigue - that you feel tired and just not really efficient, is a phenomenon that today affects frightening many people. Unfortunately, most do not talk about it, because who in our society is not always full of energy and drive is not accepted and will encounter a lack of understanding. The victims complain that they are tired, worn out and feel exhausted even after 9 to 10 hours of sleep. They often get laughed at and then hear such good advice like "you must not let go so easily" or "take a few vitamins or a cold shower in the morning or do more exercises". Fact is that all these well-intentioned advice do not help. The reasons are usually somewhere else. And usually there is not a single cause, but a number of pressures that weaken our bodies that have over time accumulated:

Poor diet for a long time: This includes of course, beverage-abuse, smoking, excessive alcohol or coffee consumption. Often there is also a lack of vitamins and minerals. Especially people, who often make a diet or take laxatives frequently have such deficiencies. So that means, a change in diet, appropriate to type, preferably according to the principles of Chinese nutrition, tailored to each type under the Five Element theory, could help. What "food type" you are can be found out by tongue and pulse diagnosis and a detailed medical history according to criteria of Chinese medicine.

Environmental pollution, i.e. preservatives, dyes, artificial flavorings, molds, as well as air pollution, electromagnetic pollution, power lines, water lines or the microwave. A healthy body, however, should be able to deal with it.

Amalgam tooth fillings, which were uploaded by chewing and wear out in our blood, and have already deposited as a depot in the body. Amalgam is highly toxic, i.e. our immune system is constantly working, which weakens in the long run. The safest way to set a diagnosis is by means of electro-acupuncture according to Voll.

For many people amalgam fillings do not interfere at all, their body is able to eliminate the pollutants easily via liver / kidney / skin. But unfortunately there are many people who are ill because of the amalgam and you would not bring a mercury poisoning in context. Even the patient himself is not aware of what happens to him, because the disease symptoms usually develop slowly and are usually general symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, decreased responsiveness, poor memory, low mental capacity, loss of appetite, severe internal and external turmoil with irritability and depressive phases, and can lead to suicidal thoughts.

These symptoms are known to us all, everyone experiences ups and downs in his life, this is perfectly normal, it is only important that these depleted phases don’t last too long. If you are half a year listless and depressed for no apparent reason, then you cannot say this as a temporary phase, you must finally begin to investigate the real causes.

A very effective way of diagnosing what is in your body that makes you tired and worn out is a blood check with the dark field microscope and the electro-acupuncture according to Voll. Here the energy flows are measured in the body via the Chinese meridians. We can see, whether in a given meridian an inflammatory or degenerative process is taking place.

Chronic infections in the body constitute a continuing inflammation, which is also weakening the immune system. For example a chronic sinusitis, teeth decay, dead teeth or not overcome infectious disease, usually caused by viruses or bacteria also weaken our body, because the pathogen is somehow stuck. After an infection you feel quite well, but not as fit as before. This means, the body has not been able to completely eliminate the pathogens. Then the immune system has to be stimulated and the elimination capacities of the body encouraged: Kidney, liver, lung, skin, lymph and intestines have to be supported, so that all agents are flushed from the body.

Damaged intestinal flora: By drugs (hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy) the intestinal flora can be damaged to such an extent that the food can not be absorbed properly. Even if you eat healthy and balanced food, you may have a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Worse Candida can settle and reduce the energy level even more.
Evidence of exposure of the colon or small intestines with Candida fungi are: sweet desire, food cravings, bloating, irregular digestion, and just the tiredness. Candida can be treated with special herbal medicines and Colon-Hydro-Therapie in a few weeks

Mental stress, grief or anger, but also family or work stress are reasons for burnout. These problems are usually not easy to solve, often you can only change your own attitude. Some people like autogenic training, others do meditation or praying. Very gentle but effective, however, is a solution of the blockades by Radionics.

But exactly the opposite, boredom and feelings of worthlessness can weaken our body as well. Anyone who thinks that he has no purpose in life, who feels useless, and spends his days in the apartment, will ultimately feel more and more tired and loose. There you have to force yourself to daily exercise, a little physical work and a regular routine. This also implies that you go to bed before midnight and then after 8-9 hours and get up again. Often too much sleep makes really tired.

Fatigue can also come from a lack of supply of the brain with oxygen. You know how sleepy we become, when staying in a poorly ventilated room. When the brain is permanently not getting enough oxygen, then you feel just too tired all the time. It is necessary to stimulate the blood circulation and improve the capacity of oxygen transportation, maybe with ginkgo and ginseng. However, it may be that the blood is not in a position to adequately carry oxygen, which can be determined by a microscopic examination of red blood cells. The red blood cells may be too small or too few or aggregated.

Meanwhile, science has come to realize that people who feel constantly tired and worn are not malingerers, but that a new disease is spreading in our modern society. It has been given the euphonious name “chronic fatigue syndrome”. However, when something is referred to as syndrome that means, unfortunately, that there are certain symptoms, but nobody was able to find a cause. My task now is to discover what are the reasons that weakened your body and eventually reduce those burdens so that you can lead an active and powerful life again. This will not happen overnight, but if you are willing to actively participate, your fatigue hopefully soon belongs to the past.

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