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Treating eye disorders naturally

Intensive treatment with “eye acupuncture”

The “eye acupuncture” was “invented” about 15 years ago in Denmark where F. Dahlgren published his observations on the treatment of eye diseases for the audience. In 1995, the Danish acupuncturist John Boel presented in a German television program three patients with presbyopia, which could see improvment after two acupuncture blocks. The episode of his TV show made that thousands of individuals now wanted to be treated.

What makes the eye acupuncture so special - of course, no needles are inserted into the eye - is the extraordinary time scheme. Treatment has to be done twice a day (with at least one hour interval between sessions) and on several days a week (preferably Monday through Friday for two weeks). This will ensure that a truly radical change in energy occurs in the body, the eyes are better supplied and self-healing powers of the body are activated.

In my practice I use in addition to the standard points around the eye, knee, hand, foot and the ear body acupuncture points according to the individual diagnosis, tailored to the particular disease. For example a dry Macula degeneration has to be treated differently than a wet one. Also requires glaucoma other points than cataract. Therefore, the treatment of each patient is different because it is adapted to his complaints. This concerns the selection of points and also the temporal scheme.

The best results are obtained if one uses not only acupuncture but at the same time other natural healing methods. Above all a thorough decontamination / detoxification and strengthening the liver proved very helpful (according to Chinese medicine, the liver provides the eyes with energy). Thus, the eye acupuncture is a gentle healing method - complex but often very successful and free from side effects.

Scientific studies in the U.S. and Austria have shown that acupuncture can highly activate certain areas of the brain that are related with the seeing. This improves the consistency of blood and the blood flow rate, which in turn increase the nutrient supply of the eye.

The most common eye problems, which are treated with eye acupuncture:

# Macular degeneration, wet and dry, and age-related macular degeneration
# Glaucoma
# Cataract
# Farsightedness
# Myopia (very good results up to the age of 20)
# Presbyopia
# Astigmatism
# Conjunctivitis
# Corneal injury
# Retinal detachment
# Dry Eye
# Retinitis pigmentosa
# Optic nerve injury
# Motility or strabismus in children
# Vision problems resulting from drug poisoning
# Diabetic eye disease aetiology

Of course, not all eye diseases can be treated completely, but they can be improved or its progression can be slowed down in most cases.

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