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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Made Easy

Who has done more frequently a diet and still plagues around with his weight, is able to laugh at this headline only. Losing weight is anything but easy. Frustrated, many have found that food combining, cabbage soup or blood type diet is not permanently bringing the desired results. Desirable goal would be to eat well, to boost metabolism, and slowly but permanently lose weight.
Chinese medicine and acupuncture, herbs and food typing may be a big help. The prerequisite for this course is that you know which type you are. Chinese medicine distinguishes three main types of overweight:

"Wobbly type”
This means people with poor connective tissue, which tends to increase and become more and more soft and "flabby". This person feels heavy and weak, not powerful, often short of breath and palpitations even at low efforts. They constantly suffer from cold feet are cold, easily prone to water retention and more soft bowel movements.
Most people of this type do not eat much, but their weight has stagnated and the smallest "slip" is a pound more on the scale. The typical poor combustion.
Looking at the tongue, it is rather pale and large, an off-white thin coating, with something greasy.
In Chinese medicine, this is means "dampness and phlegm blocking the spleen". One needs therefore acupuncture points and foods that reduce dampness and phlegm and strengthen the spleen.

"Meaty type”
These people are even fat, but the body is firm and meaty. These are often large, "grand", voluminous and robust types. They tend to clog frequently have a dry mouth, little saliva and sweat easily. In most cases, this type is of very hungry and very thirsty. Thus, while the "wobbly type "rather eats less and is still growing, the" fleshy type" does exactly know why he is overweighed: he likes to eat large portions.
The tongue is red and often covered with a thin yellow coating.
The Chinese therapy focuses in this case on humidification and cooling. Depending on the patient there is stomach-heat or blood heat to be cooled.

"Well-fed type”
This type is more of the little stocky person with a lush but firm body and abdomen. The "well-fed type” is very hungry, but after eating he often feel full and uncomfortable. Regurgitation brings relief in the stomach. This type is more inclined to constipation. Women often suffer from menstrual cramps. Somehow everything feels like jam, sometimes also with tendency to varicose veins and haemorrhoids.
The tongue is often dark, sometimes even purple with red spots, often with no coating.
The Chinese medicine seeks here to promote blood circulation and regulate the Qi.

“Individual therapy with the "Fat Burning Acupuncture"

In addition to type differentiation a detailed medical history and ultimately the pulse and tongue diagnosis decide what acupuncture points are chosen. Additionally a type-specific diet is recommended.

The special feature of this method is a special needle technique, "light a fire mountain" Shao Shan Huo 烧 山火. It should "burn" the body fat and have a tonic effect.

This method can only be successful if the acupuncture sessions are conducted regularly and with only small time intervals. The best results are achieved when acupuncture treatment is to start at least 1 time per week.

In addition to the body acupuncture ear acupuncture is used. These small acupuncture needles or magnetic beads remain up to one week in the ear and support weight loss between the acupuncture sessions. For in the ear are many effective psychological points which we managed as required, eg.: frustration, hunger, lust, addiction, aggression, mental relaxation, of divine indifference ...

Chinese medicine dispensed to the counting of calories or standard dietary recommendations. Rather, it tries to bring each food type back into harmony, as in Chinese medicine obesity is only considered to require treatment, if it reflects a state of energetic disharmony.

So not only short-term weight loss is achieved, but a permanent change of metabolism.

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