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A weak immune system cannot fulfill its task to detect and destroy bacteria and virus and keep you healthy. Influenza, chronic sinusitis, cough and tiredness will be your companion. Why are some people not affected at all and others are are sick for months? This is a question of a well trained and good reacting immune system. But there are many factors that can weaken it. To find out what all this could be, I do at the beginning of any therapy a blood test in the dark field microscope, to find out what stresses the body and of course the immune system: Residues of pathogens (viruses, bacteria), of drugs (antibiotics, analgesics), heavy metals (dental fillings, marine fish, cooking pots), dead or root-treated teeth, fungi (eg Candida in the gut or mold), acidification and more can be detected.

Following this blood test I'm testing with the electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) the energetic status of the meridians and the burden of the above mentioned residues. This shows what to do, which is just the most important thing right now. This may be a detoxification, an eradication of microorganisms, a colon-hydro therapy, or a liver cleanse.

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