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Live Blood Analysis

Vital Blood diagnosis with the Darkfield-Microscope after Prof. Enderlein

A routine blood diagnoses at the doctors normally only will tell the amount of the red and white blood cells. The Darkfield Blood Test tells you if the elements of the blood are able to do their jobs.

The procedure is that a blood drop is taken from your fingertip and placed between to small plates of glass. Due to this procedure the blood is active over hours and can be tested immediately under the microscope (in the Darkfield microscope the blood will be lightened with a special condenser and the light goes through in a 45 degrees angle. This makes the blood lighten up in front of a dark background).
The patient can watch his blood cells on a screen 1000 times enlarged.

• The amount, size and form of the red and white blood cells and of the blood platelets can be checked and it van be verified that they do there tasks (for example if the phagocyte are active or rigid).
• It can be seen whether the blood cells are attacked by parasites or microorganism which are the reason for illnesses or whether there are bacteria or fungus in the blood plasma.
• It can also be checked if the blood is flowing properly, or if there are any risks like thrombosis or disturbance of the blood supply (for example if the red blood cells turn lumpy like money rolls).
• Any acidification is seen
• If the detoxification is working properly
• The speed and the decomposition of the blood can be proofed
• We can draw conclusions concerning the immune system and the pressure on the other organs.

After this blood test you will be checked with electro acupuncture according to Dr. Voll which can show you the factors which are responsible for the change of your blood and how you can to eliminate them.

Each patient gets pictures, a therapy plan and a documentation of his blood phenomenon.

This blood analysis can judge the vitality and the consistence of your red and white blood cells. It can show you contaminations which have passed or are active right now, like infections through parasites, bacteria, viruses, Candida and it can show certain kinds of acid-crystals, heavy metals. All in all this blood test shows the dis-functioning and disturbances taking place in your body.

With the Darkfield blood test you can see impressively the vitality of your organism. That is a very good way to get an insight of the microbiological happening. If your blood has had problems in the past or whether there is a present problem, also giving us a hint of a still dozing sickness in your body – long before it has manifested.

The discoverer of the Darkfield blood test was the German Doctor Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein (1872 – 1968) who was working in Berlin and Hamburg, where he had his own institute. He found out that bacteria and certain kind of fungus and virus are running through change of forms, from harmless to harmful and back again.

The development of the “lower forms” are harmless for us as blood “symbionts”, they are even necessary for the whole organism. They influence the condition of our blood, the clotting, the flow properties, the agility and lifespan of our blood cells, our bone structure and a lot more. Furthermore these lower forms are able to destroy bad developments and keep them within bounds. If the development is changing and the tendency of the microbes is going “upwards” (harmful) we have to become active and start doing something for our immune system in order to make them harmless and healthy again.

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